Futures for FrontLiners 0920

You put your own health at risk during the worst of the pandemic while the rest of us stayed safe at home. That’s why Michigan, under Governor Whitmer’s leadership, created Futures for Frontliners – to offer essential workers like you the opportunity to attend school tuition-free full-time or part-time while you continue to work.

ho’s eligible? All essential workers in Michigan without college degrees or high school diplomas or equivalency exams who staffed our hospitals, nursing homes, and grocery stores, who cared for our children, provided critical police and fire services, delivered our food, picked up our trash, manufactured PPE, as well as water and wastewater system operators, public works, transportation and other key jobs that remained in operation during the April-June period that kept our state running.

Click here to see definition of Frontline Workers and additional information regarding this program.

The application for seeking a college degree or certificate, attaining your high school diploma or equivalency, and additional program information are available now at Michigan.gov/Frontliners, with enrollment in classes available beginning January 2021.  Our entire Michigan community thanks you!