Press Release

City Prepares for Possible Outbreak of COVID-19 

Niles, March 11, 2020:  The City of Niles is making plans to ensure continuity of services including police, fire, medical, electricity, water, and wastewater functions should there be an outbreak in this area of COVID-19.   

We encourage citizens to be well informed and well prepared for a possible outbreak in this area, but to also be cautious to not over react and to confirm the information they may receive to ensure its reliability. 

We also encourage our citizens to reduce their possible exposure by making use of the City’s online payment process, our drive-thru services and the City’s drop box at the rear of City Hall to make payments.  In addition, residents may also contact us directly through the City’s website at to make use of our comment form or to call us if they have questions or concerns about city services.  We urge you to limit your movements throughout the city.

The City of Niles is monitoring both the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization  to track national COVID-19 activity.  We are also monitoring local public health agencies as well as tracking information from both the states of Michigan and Indiana and the counties of Berrien and St. Joseph for COVID-19 activity.

The following links provide useful and current information about COVID-19:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19

Prevention and Treatment

World Health Organization

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