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Niles City Council Chambers

Residents in the City of Niles have already begin welcoming new Council Members Jessica Nelson and Travis Timm.  A flurry of City Council Meetings, Public Hearings and Committee Meetings have allowed residents that have attended the meetings a chance to meet their new representatives.

As a reminder, each ward or voting precinct is represented by two council members.  If you're not sure what ward/precinct you live in, click here to see the City's Ward/Precinct Map.  Last November's election resulted in new members being seated in Council Chambers.  The two new council members are representing the 2nd and 4th Ward.  

Council Member Jessica Nelson 2018
Mrs. Jessica Nelson is a Niles High School graduate.  She said that she got involved in local government because she'd like to lead by example.  Mrs. Nelson says that when we show up, educate ourselves on the issues and speak from our experiences we can all be a part of and celebrate the success of Niles.  "My hope is to see more people, from various backgrounds, get involved in local decision making through volunteering and both community and civil service".  Council Member Nelson can be reached by email  or at 269-683-4700 ext. 3108.

Council Member Travis Timm 2018 Rev
Mr. Travis Timm is a successful business person who is very determined to serve  and support the wishes of 2nd Ward residents.  Council Member Timm is excited to help Niles become even better than it is and is happy to be part of the team of council members who will make significant decisions for our community.  He is eager to see Niles grow and prosper.  He said, "I am extremely passionate about the City of Niles and immensely excited for our future."  Council Member Timm can be reached by email or at 269-830-2094.

The Niles City Council meets in Council Chambers on the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month at 1345 E. Main Street, inside the Niles Fire Station Complex.  We invite you to attend these meetings to see how decisions are made that affect your city.