The City of Niles has a "Council-Mayor" form of government which is the most widely used type of government in the State of Michigan for cities with over 10,000 people. The mayor and eight council members are elected by the voters. The Council appoints a professionally trained and experienced city administrator to manage the City on a daily basis.

The City Council's Mission Statement

" We are a diverse and unique community of forward thinking people who believe in the equal opportunity of all our citizens to enjoy our special quality of life.

It therefore is the mission of the Niles City Council to promote this equality, this diversity, and this uniqueness, through it's policies and leadership."

Medical Marihuana

Two Medical Marihuana Public Forums were held at the Niles Fire Station Complex.  The mayor and city council thanks everyone who came out to share their thoughts on this issue.  In a subsequent City Council meeting, the Niles City Council passed a "Resolution of Intent" to confirm their intention to Opt-in to the Michigan State Medical Marihuana Act.  Currently both Zoning and Planning Commissions are reviewing the issue in order to facilitate the creation of a new ordinance that adhere's to Michigan's new Medical Marihuana Acts shown below.  

Medical Marihuana Presentation
Medical Marihuana Public Forum Results

State of Michigan Medical Marihuana Law

Medical Marihuana Public Act 281
Medical Marihuana Public Act 282
Medical Marihuana Public Act 283