DART Policies

Niles DART On-Board Policies

Niles DART is a shared ride, public transportation service.  In order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment, Niles DART has established some basic rules governing behavior on our buses: 

  • Please make the seats closest to the door available to seniors and persons with disabilities, if requested.
  • All passengers must remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Service animals are welcome, but must be identified as such.
  • Small pets are allowed only if they are carried in an enclosed carrier (no cardboard boxes) for the duration of the trip.
  • Be mindful of others when talking on your phone or using electronic devices.  Please turn down your ringer and use headphones. 
  • Passengers are allowed bags and other carry-on items only in the amount that they can carry on in one trip.  Drivers cannot assist in loading bags. 
  • Personal shopping carts are allowed on DART vehicles, provided they can be safely stowed out of the aisle. If you need help securing a personal shopping cart please ask the bus operator for assistance.
  • Passengers who require assistance getting to the bus or to the door of their destination should ride with a caregiver. 
  • All mobility devices are welcomed.  Walkers, etc. must be safely stowed out of the aisles while the bus is in operation.
  • Medical oxygen is allowed.  Portable oxygen must be safely stowed out of the aisle. 
  • If you are travelling with a bicycle, please load it onto the bicycle rack on the front of the bus.  Bicycles are not permitted inside the bus. 
  • Strollers are permitted on board but must be safely stowed out of the aisle.  If the bus becomes crowded, the driver may ask you to fold your stroller.  
  • Tampering with the bus, windows, or any DART equipment is prohibited. 
  • The use of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes on the bus or within 25 feet of an entrance to the bus is prohibited.
  • All food and drink must be in secure, unopened containers.  Eating and drinking on the bus are prohibited.
  • The use of alcohol or drugs while on board is prohibited.
  • No weapons of any kind or hazardous materials (e.g., gasoline, fuels, large batteries, explosives, corrosive materials) are allowed on the bus.
  • Swearing and profane language are prohibited while on board.
  • Drunken, disorderly, or disruptive conduct is prohibited while on board. 
  • DART is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Inhibiting safe operation of the bus or failure to comply with these rules could result in loss of riding privileges.  Comments and questions regarding DART service can be directed to the office at 269-684-5150.

Passenger No-Show Policy

Canceling DART Reservations / No-Show Policy

If you no longer need a scheduled ride, please be courteous and cancel your reservation by calling DART Dispatch at 269-684-5150.  In an effort to maintain bus schedules and reduce the occurrence of no-shows, Niles DART will enforce a no-show policy for passengers who fail to cancel a scheduled trip before the bus has been dispatched. The fee for violating the No-Show Policy will be equal to the amount of fare that would have been paid for the scheduled trip.  A total of 10 no-shows in 60 days will result in suspension of service of up to 30 days for that individual rider.  Any fare owed due to no-show trips must be paid prior to resuming transportation. For additional No Show Information, please read the entire No-Show Policy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the DART office at 269-684-5150.